Noise Adapt

Rise above the noise

Intelligent ambient noise-sensing tech means you always hear the detail in your music

How NoiseAdapt works

All the speakers in the Music family actively sense the vibe in the room… and then they roll with it.

Sudden party? Music will adjust its volume and tonal balance intelligently so all the important details in your songs shine through. Sudden silence? It can handle that too – and you don’t have to touch a remote control or fiddle with a single button.

You can choose between ‘Off’ and ‘Intelligent’ in the app. Once you switch it on, you’ll hear the volume and tone change to suit the noise level in the room. As people come and go, and the conversation ebbs and flows, the speaker compensates automatically – even when it's set to low volume.

In practice, you might not notice the tech working. But turn it off and you'll definitely hear what it had been up to.

NoiseAdapt isn’t simply a ‘loudness’ control. It optimises volume and tone simultaneously, and on the fly, by sensing the room and calculating as it goes.


Intelligent adaptive performance


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