Room Adapt

The sound remains the same

Put Music wherever you want. RoomAdapt automatically optimises its performance to suit its new position – and you don't have to do a thing

How RoomAdapt works

It doesn’t matter if the speaker is in a corner, up against a rear wall or in free space: its built-in RoomAdapt technology senses where it’s been placed and continually optimises the speaker’s tonal characteristics to deliver the best performance possible. You’ll hear it most in the clean, accurate bass and midrange.

Best of all, you can move your Music whenever – and wherever – you want. It will sense its new position and optimise itself automatically.

You can choose between ‘Off’ and ‘Intelligent’ in the app. Switch it on and you’ll hear the volume and tone change to suit the speaker’s position. If you move it around and listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear it adjust itself for each new position.

And it isn’t simply a bass-cut filter. The technology optimises volume and tone simultaneously, and on the fly, by sensing the room and calculating as it goes.


Auto-sensing technology



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